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Three remarkable friends move to San Francisco after meeting in protective custody. In a world where their reputation is everything on the streets they must secure a position of respect. In order to help change their lives they decide to start their “chosen family”. Despite true love and friendship, things go terribly wrong, as it so often does in desperate times. When you have no place to go, no home to call your own, and the world is set up against you, who can you turn to?

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San Francisco 1978: the city has transformed from a hippy and counter-culture haven to a city bursting from the seams. The promises of Summer of Love led to the Jonestown Massacre and the assassination of Harvey Milk and George Moscone. In this mess, Detective Michael Tagliare is plucked from Narcotics and forced to partner with the recently reinstated Homicide Detective Jim Gronkowski. These two must work through their personal differences to catch a killer who has no plans of stopping. This is the story of “On the Streets of San Francisco.”

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New Orleans, 1994: Agnes Davenport, a southern belle who’s as handy with a switchblade as she is with eyeliner, has a mess in her hands. A botched drug deal on a riverboat casino turns deadly and leaves her with a cargo of missing merchandise that she can’t cover. With no other options, her part-time lover, Detective Charlie Burns, recommends his old partner as a patsy. Todd Hackett, a drunk private eye that’s way past his expiration date, is roped into something much darker than anyone could imagine.

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Film executive Irving Goldberg is the closest thing to a modern-day renaissance prince in 1950s Hollywood. The thing is, the golden handcuffs of success, his gentlemanly exploits, and Louis, his demanding studio head father, have regulated him to be an observer of his life as opposed to a full-on participant. That all changes one evening, when he becomes imprisoned in the narrative of someone else's story — literally. Irving is transported into a silent film and must escape before its conclusion or risk being trapped forever. That means fighting off Depression-era mobsters and partnering with the silent film's femme fatale, Rose Marie. So, will Irving finally become his own man and take ownership of his narrative, or will he let history repeat itself and allow someone else to write it for him?

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It's a funny thing to be a man nowadays. Is a man supposed to be debonair, suave? How about the strong, silent type? In the fashion world, where boundaries and self-respect go out the window the moment you strut down the runway, male model Theo Bovine, a pretty boy with a fast-paced walk, struggles to find his place in the world. His ex-paramour, Lauren Jonquil, has deserted him, leaving him with a simple question: is he enough? Thin to the bone, the pressures of the job and the desire to get an ounce of control in his life have led to Theo severely struggling with an eating disorder. This affliction that not only threatens his relationships and career but his life. Will he continue to wall himself off from others because they misunderstand him, or will he reconcile with the man in the mirror?

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A boy who once sold rocks to survive emigrates from Guatemala to the United States to reconnect with his estranged father and while facing many failures learns that his shameful past unlocks the wisdom to his success.

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The Parable of the Prodigal Son; A powerful Texas Cattle baron struggles to save his two sons; one a young, destructive wayward wanderer bent on oblivion, and the other an upright, closed off, do-gooder on a self salvation project, from total ruination at great cost to himself.

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An original scripted dreamed series that tells the story of one man's fall from culinary grace and his desperate attempts to reclaim his legacy. By combining edibles and haute-cuisine, former Michelin Star forager chef Louie Sauvage, is hell-bent on showing the world just how much of a genius he really is.

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Newly married and introduced to his husband’s children, a hedonistic West Hollywood producer adjusts to life behind a white picket fence. He quickly finds his new reality makes great reality… TV.”

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Everything you never realized you wanted to know about physical therapy in the 1950s, but will never be able to forget. Based on the true story of a woman living during a period of deep societal cracks against a backdrop of a conservative U.S.A., before civil rights marched in to transform the landscape.